Abdul Latif Jameel Real Estate Finance Shariah Committee

With more than 1.6 billion Muslims who constitute $4 trillion of the Islamic economy, many of whom live in the GCC and Saudi Arabia, we ensure to offer products & services that are in accordance with the beliefs and values of the community we serve is essential. 

We at Abdul Latif Jameel Real Estate Finance believe Islamic principles hold the key to benefiting both customers and businesses.

Value can only be created when our work and service comply with the principles of Shariah, the moral code and religious law of Islam. These tenets continue to guide our business dealings for the past 70 years. 

Our products meet the highest ethical standards of Shariah with best practices and excellence in customer service. 

To ensure corporate governance of highest standards, we have created an independent Shariah Committee that comprises of scholars and experts in Islamic Shariah, law, economics, accounting, auditing, and financial services. 

Led by the highly respected Sheikh ِDr. Abdullah Al Muslih, Dr. Mohammed Al Gory, and Dr. Abdullah Al Thamali, all renowned Islamic finance experts, have carefully reviewed all contracts and procedures to ensure compliance with the provisions of Islamic Shariah.

The Shariah Board also supervises the development of innovative investment and financing products and services offered. Furthermore, the Board is empowered to issue Fatwa and Shariah guidance on routine matters as required by our different business units.

Devoid of predatory practices or haram, our range of Shariah-compliant products and services ensure customers truly get the best value and most importantly satisfy Allahu Subahnahu wa Ta'ala.