Sale and Lease Back Program

Are you looking for Cash Financing?  Simply, “Let Your Property Finance You” through Mortgaging the property to us against a Cash Loan, and we will lease the property back to you. We at Abdul Latif Jameel Real Estate Financing offer you a Sale and Lease Back product which affirms our mission to provide you with flexible and pioneering Financing solutions that meet your expectations. With us, the process of acquiring a Cash Loan is simpler than ever, and for a contract period up to 10 years

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Financing Features
  • No Down Payment required
  • No Guarantor required
  • Certified by Shariah Board
  • Up to 2.5 Million SR
  • Up to 10 years contract period (120 Months)
  • Guarantor possibility of spouses or a first degree relative
  • No Salary Transfer required
  • Availability of Early Settlement
  • Consideration of Other Income (if any) to increase Financing amount
  • Financing Corporate clients only
  • Exempting heirs from any liability in case of death or permanent disability (God forbid)
Terms and Documentation required
  • Property should be valid for use and within Urban (developed) areas
  • Property should be 100% completed
  • Aggregate of Contract Period and current Property Lifespan not to exceed 30 years
  • Property to be free of any Legal burdens or Litigation
  • Copy of client ID
  • Copy of Title Deed
  • Copy of Building Permit
  • Copy of Property Sketch showing location of property